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Almost forgot the Accountability Post: Anyhoo, my main goals today are to get the article that goes with the Executive Function and Parenting video up and to strip the audio from yesterday's video for Soundcloud. That and nine appointments are *plenty*. Though I'll probably work on some notes tonight anyhow.

Gratitudes: I am grateful that my husband has come up with a solution for the "I need quiet and he needs noise" morning issue we have, that will be in place by tomorrow morning. I am grateful that my busy-ness has to do with things going *better* in my life vs. worse. I am grateful that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it's not a train.
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Been in the middle of some heavy dissociation this weekend, which for me often looks like *fiddling around* with the computer or a computer game vs. doing something. This weekend I set up Skyrim to run (mostly) bug-free with close to maximum mods. Which on some level is an achievement, I guess but isn't the achievement I wanted.

Anyhoo. Today, as soon as I'm done with coffee and breakfast I'm headed to the office to work on notes and on at least one recording. To those who are waiting: I am so sorry. My brain wouldn't brain all weekend long. I think it's the new meds. I'm up, but the creativity is not.

Gratitudes: I am grateful for coffee. I am grateful for a shower that just *works*. I am grateful for a low maintenance house.
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Tomorrow's "explainer" article for the Dirty Rotten Little Milk-Spiller is locked and loaded. I have NINE appointments today, and a video still to record, so busy, busy. Gonna try Shotcut free video editor today. Seems to have the features I need and be pretty user-friendly.

The video I'm recording today will be on the "4 F's of Fear" and how peoples' differing fear reactions can impact them and their relationships.

Also, have one important email and one important phone call to make, and notes to write. So.

Gratitudes: I think my new "publishing schedule" that I set up on One Note will help a lot to keep me on track and not forget things. Still no major side effects with meds. No signs of mania. Sleeping like a rock. No *worsening* of EF, and perhaps a slight bettering. My husband got out and dragged Lady home in the middle of the night when she decided to go walkabout.
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Another 9 appointment day, this one without intakes, so better by *that* much (my anxiety increases a lot with meeting new people). Went to the doc yesterday, started on bupropion (Wellbutrin) and hydroxyzine (Vistaril). I love this new doc in that she noticed my anxiety the day *before* my own appointment when I was with my husband and did an anxiety screening (FYI, yes, I was going to ask her for Vistaril anyhow. I know I'm anxious, folks... and while Xanax gives me a nice nap, I want an anti-anxiety I can take that allows me to *function*)

Because of a snafu with the last video, I had to spend time yesterday that was *supposed* to be spent prepping the next one dealing with a sound issue (which is fixed, y'all. My skills are growing!) so while I *might* find time to record today (probably not, though) I will not get the next video up until tomorrow.

I will be taking a one week staycation starting a week from Monday and am looking *very* forward to it. Will spend part of it doing a spring cleaning of the basement, part of it building up a stock of videos so I can roll them out more slowly and in line with my needs, and part of it kicking back and relaxing. I will also give my work office a deep cleaning, which it desperately needs.

Gratitudes: I am grateful for the clients who fill my days. I am grateful for having a new doc that focused on what *matters*. I am grateful that my husband is understanding of my flaws.
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I have already printed out the form to file my extension, and I'll get it in the mail early today. I'll finish the data entry for everything but the taxes on the bankruptcy, then print out all the forms and set up my "tax workstation". It should be done by next weekend, because once I get the prep done (which is done except three months of December) it'll be a breeze to do the taxes. A couple of hours with a calculator and that's it.

But. It's waiting until later this week because I *will* make mistakes if I try to do too many tasks that require me to focus on money in the same day. Instead, the work I do today (and hey, guys, it *is* my day off). will be a combo of creative tasks and mundane tasks like writing the article for the most recent video on consent culture, writing up the outline for the one I'll post tomorrow (and recording it if I get a quiet moment), and doing notes, as well as finished the last few entries for the bankruptcy and cleaning up the information for the lawyers

So, on my downtime today, I'm either going to play Skyrim or Sims 4 and do some reading.

Gratitudes: The first episode of season 8 was worth waiting for and was satisfying. I am grateful for a good night's sleep.I am grateful for my neti pot.
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Welp I got home from shopping at 3 pm yesterday and was in bed by 7 pm. So. Nothing got done. Coffee, breakfast, and paperwork and writing today. (In case I don't get around to writing the article today, the Marry, Shag, Kill vid is linked here. https://youtu.be/nN6FF0TCTvI

Gratitudes: I am grateful that there are only 13.5 hours left to season 8. I am grateful for headphones. I am grateful for pistachios.
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Feeling crummy and possibly contagious, so here in about a half hour I'm moving my computer to the bedroom and working in bed (waiting for my hair to dry before leaning against pillows). I don't *think* I have the actual flu (no fever) but I have a full body something that has been going around for weeks.

Anyhow. I've canceled all my appointments today and offered rescheduling times. I'm going to do the adding links work first, then work my way up to stuff that takes more EF, as I'm not even *close* to 100% right now.

For the two of you who are expecting postcards from me, I'm going to search the house for stamps, and if I find them, I'll be sending the postcards today. Otherwise, I'll stop at the post office on my way to work tomorrow to mail them.

Because yesterday was a complete wash, consider all my goals from yesterday to be accurate for today. I will be posting stuff for folks all day.

Gratitudes: I only had to contact 6 people today to stay home sick (y;all who only have to contact a boss are *lucky*) I had enough spoons to get in the shower this morning. I have discovered Leslie Jones Game of Jones and had a good laugh this morning.
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I spent about 45 minutes on the bankruptcy tasks yesterday and realized that my tension over significant aggravated my neck arthritis, so I will *have* to Pomodoro this stuff. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomodoro_Technique). I have another 45-minute slot in my schedule today to use, so I should get a bunch more done today. Yes, I know that's not a true Pomodoro, but my schedule is broken into 45-minute slots due to the nature of insurance companies so that works for me.

My plan over the weekend is to do *at least* six *true*(ish) Pomodoros a day to finish this stuff through Saturday and Sunday, do my taxes on Monday, and spend the rest of next week cleaning up the submissions and entering it all for the lawyers. Now that the logjam has broken this should be doable.

Also on my list: My article on "Purely Politics" Everything is Political just posted. (like, three minutes ago), https://www.outofmymind.responsivellc.com/2019/04/05/purely-political-everything-is-political/

I need to get my next (and last, I think) Executive Function video outlined and ready to record. This one will be on dealing with brain function issues in a social context.

I have my three postcards colored and they'll be going out today or tomorrow (as soon as I figure out where I put the stamps)

With the promise of better income and the end in sight of all the extra paperwork, I'm starting to queue up some other things I need to get done. Catch up on remittances (and old remittances), scanning and shredding, weather seal our basement a bit better, Also, get to work on my bedspread I've been working on for like, years.

I am thirteen Patrons shy of my goal of 20 after which I will start Discord "pajama parties" where we talk about mental health topics once per week for an hour (these will be recorded and kept for Patrons only)

So much else on my mind. More later.

Gratitudes: I am grateful that all week I've been having really good sleep I am grateful that I've been successfully fighting my EF issues this week. I am grateful that I can pay my bills.
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Up early due to the front coming in/allergies. Doctor appointment this morning (mine, today) followed by labs plus 9 appointments including an intake. Getting the audio link up before I leave for the doctor, and have started writing the Consent Culture article (a bit late).

So far I have consistently managed the two videos, two audio files, two articles per week, but they are often not on date promise. I think that's pretty satisfactory. We'll see if I can keep it up (the goal is to have this publication schedule (at least) until I retire.

Next step is to start a significant paid advertising campaign for Out of My Mind. If anyone has suggestions, I'm all ears. I'm also interested in what methods folks are using when they publish regularly to track things like remembering to share on social media, etc. The goal of the paid advertising, btw, is to increase membership at the spots where monetization is possible (Patreon, YouTube, the website through Adsense).

And I have other things to do in the next few days that make my life busy, busy, buys.

Gratitudes: I am grateful that so far this new doc seems pretty cool. I am grateful that I only have to fast for another couple of hours. I am grateful for Ryan running out for dinner last night.
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Doc appointment for husband today (meeting new primary doc) and then will try to record video before a very busy day today. (9 appointments including an intake today and tomorrow).

The headache is finally gone. It took five rounds of ibuprofen plus a muscle relaxer and 10 hours sleep for it to finally go away. It tried *really really hard* to turn into a migraine, but I won (this time).

This evening, energy allowing, I'll write the next explainer, then post the new video, which will be using the situation of cleaning a bedroom to explore how effective various ways of supervising a child are (using executive function as a frame)

Gratitudes: I am grateful I beat back the headache. I am grateful for Longbourne on audio, which I will have to go back and read. I am grateful for an easing of our situation and a soon-ish end to our long financial nightmare.
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Very long day today with a lot to do. This morning before going in, post the article for the consent culture article, send a bunch of emails to a bunch of lawyers (professional, not personal), talk to a lawyer (personal not professional, but not bad, either) talk with Kathy and Nancy, 8 appointments including an intake, and find time to record another video, probably on parenting and executive function at a *very* basic level (like, stop assuming your child *won't* do something and assume they can't, and then help them develop the skills, where possible, that they eventually *can*)

When I get home, it'll be time to upload (since uploading things at work continues to be a huge problem) and post the video, and then some reading and relaxation.

Gratitudes: Grateful that I am almost through all the stuff. Grateful for coffee and ibuprofen to greet my headache. Grateful for my husband who continues to be everything I could ask for in a partner.
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This should be my *last* super busy weekend for a bit. First on the agenda is finishing all of the bankruptcy data entry. Second is to do taxes (I'll file an extension if I don't get it done). I also, during my "breaks" plan to put up the articles for the Patreon videos I did last week, and change the rest of the web links I have on my sites (fortunately shouldn't be that many) to direct to the right domain.

In addition, today is our grocery shopping day, and I usually make a run to Dollar General or Walmart to pick up stuff Aldi doesn't carry. So I'll get home from work around 11 or 11:30, go to the store, which for reasons takes a long time, then get home around 2, after which I'll do "Pomodoros" of data entry until bedtime.

Gratitudes: I have money in the bank for groceries. I successfully migrated my website to a shorter, more intuitive url without borking it. I get to see a couple of somebodies I don't see often whose faces I enjoy seeing today.

(the new url is oomm.live)
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Up super early today because the house got cold in the middle of the night (dang sudden temperature swings) and my productivity is in full swing. Plan is to finish the backup download of the OOMM website this morning before leaving the house, work on some notes, and head to work, where I have (only) six appointments scheduled. I'll make a bank run in the middle of the day, and work on some of the bankruptcy stuff, and record another video. I haven't decided which topic. Perhaps on parenting a child with EF issues, or on the concept of consent and how far reaching it is.

That's it for today, and should land me by 6 pm relaxing.
Tomorrow I have two morning appointments and an obligation to open my office for small group crafting if wanted, then grocery shopping, and this weekend will be the big push to get all the paperwork done, because hey, there's a nice hard deadline Monday at midnight with tax stuff.

Gratitudes: Spending the evening with Laura last night eating good food, watching good TV, with good company. A plan to get things done. A goofy dog staring adoringly at me.
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I have an *incredibly* packed day today. My first appointment is at 10:15 and I won't get home until 6:30 or 6:45, after which I'm celebrating Laura's bday with her a day late. So: 10 appointments, getting the audio version of "Marry Shag Kill" up on Patreon, trying to do as many collaborative/concurrent notes as possible. If I get any unexpected breaks, working on bankruptcy paperwork.

Gratitudes: Fanny Flagg's writing. Lady Day being a good girl. Ibuprofen.
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While waiting for post processing on my video (still using Microsoft's native video editor for the time being, but am looking forward to a camcorder and better video editing skills in the near-ish future) I am working on notes for last week (I'm way behind this week. My EF last week made simultaneous or concurrent or collaborative documentation almost impossible last week) and dressing for an 80 degree day that will be followed by a light snow tomorrow.

I think my next video might be "consent culture is mental health positive culture" or some such. Or maybe after the next (and final, I think) executive function video.

Still not 100%, so my day will largely limited to *only* essential tasks, which today are notes and posting the one video on Patreon, and meeting with my therapy participants. Then I'l go home and relax.

Gratitudes: Dany, my semi-feral cat, has been upstairs all morning investigating the windows. She appears to have a bit of a cold, but mostly I think she just wants to watch the birds. My maxi skirt still fits. I have a short (but packed) week this week.
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Goals for today: laundry, finish the medical bills portion of the paperwork (I'm over halfway there now), go back through all the articles and videos and podcasts and make sure they are all linked up back at Patreon and to each other (I realized last week that the full articles, the ones that have the "meat", aren't linked at Patreon, and that is a serious oversight). I will also record the marry/shag/kill video when hubby takes a nap today unless I wait until tomorrow, and I *might* get a microfiction done. It sounds like a lot, but all of it is bite-sized pieces.

Gratitudes: It's shirtsleeve weather all week this week. We'll probably even test the AC at least once this week. I slept well last night. My stomach is *less* fragile, though still fragile.
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5 appointments became 4 because of a no-show, and then shopping, notes, and bankruptcy paperwork. Want to finish my "work" day by 5 pm and watch season 7 of GOT in preparation for next week's 1st season 8 show.

Tomorrow will be at least five cycles of paperwork/rest, plus I will try to record a video, probably the marry/shag/kill metaphor. I think I also will have an article to write tomorrow. Will check to see.

Monday I will *also* do about five cycles of paperwork/rest, hopefully starting on my taxes, finish up any notes for the week I didn't get to, and relax the rest of the day.

Gratitudes: I am grateful that today is going to be *gorgeous* for much of the day. I am grateful that I have money for food. I am grateful that people value the services I provide.
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Accountability Post: On the third try, I finally recorded a video on EF and habit formation that I'm happy with. The bonus of making three tries, though, is that I'm nearly done with all three postcards I need to mail out this week. Only have one to finish and it should be done by the end of the day. This one is a longer one, but there was a lot of information to cover (and a story to tell) so it took a while.

Today is rainy and blah, so I have no temptation to go out and explore, so working should be pretty easy for me. As soon as my video finishes processing on the phone (that's where the app lives that easily rotates it for me) I'll then upload it to my computer and add title and end cards, and get it posted on Patreon, then I'll redirect oomm.live to my webpage in prep for migrating later this month, then finish my notes for this week so far, then see three clients, then spend 45 minutes on data entry for my bankruptcy, see a few more clients, and go home. I *might* start writing the article for the "Purely Political" video tonight, but it'll probably wait until tomorrow.

A reminder that my group Out of My Mind is open to all comers, and I am *especially* looking for people of color, people with disabilities, and people on the LGBTQ spectrum who want leadership roles in the group, as I want it to be truly inclusive and I am aware of my privilege blindness in one of those categories (I have mental health disabilities and I am bi, so...) . https://www.facebook.com/groups/569336636897072/?ref=bookmarks This group is *about* mental health and living in the world affects mental health.

Gratitudes: I had a really interesting and sweet dream last night. I am happy with my progress so far on Out of My Mind, for the most part. My future looks "doable".
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Accountability Post: After coffee and getting dressed will head to the office because I get more done there. Have notes to finish and will *possibly* re-record the next video because I'm not happy with the version I did yesterday. Also, have the 2nd of the three postcards I need to color and send out to finish.

My new group, Out of My Mind, has just over a dozen members, and I'm torn between "grow, my beautiful flower, grow!" and "Ahhhhh what have I done!?!" Keeping it as a moderated community right now to stave off problems while I think about it. Please join it if you have an interest in mental health self-help and/or social justice https://www.facebook.com/groups/569336636897072/

The link is to *all* of the mental health content I've created in the last couple weeks. Wow, I've been busy. https://twitter.com/odanu/status/1113410108564889603

Today is another busy day. 8 appointments including an intake, a meeting with Kathy (I think?) and payroll.

Gratitudes: I am grateful for the biscotti that Aldi makes. I am grateful for warm and comfy clothes. Grateful that my Patreons earned me some monety that I can put toward funding Kathy's heart.
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Accountability Post: Hey look, y'all, still drinking my coffee and already typing my accountability post.

So. Yesterday I formed a group. The Out Of My Mind group. It is a self-help group that *also* has access to people who work in mental health. It is a moderated space, and we are working up rules now. If you want to join, go here and answer the questions: https://www.facebook.com/groups/569336636897072/?ref=bookmarks

I've also been really productive. It doesn't hurt that we just found out yesterday that our long financial nightmare is nearly over. My husband got approved for disability. We don't have the first check or backpay yet, but its a start. And knowing that our bills can be covered with a *little* spare is a huge relief.

Today I'm going to *try* to record the third in the EF series, this one about the relationship between executive function in the pre-frontal cortex and habit in the basal ganglia (lizard brain).

I also have the next "released from Patreon" article ready except for adding the art and a couple of links, and it'll go up today at outofmymind.responsivellc.com

Today I also want to get some content up for Kathy, because her GoFundMe is stalling.

I also have a busy therapy day. Something like 8 or 9 therapy sessions. So "thunk" at the end of the day is a real possibility.

Gratitudes: I am grateful that my husband's doctors, and his testimony, were able to convince a judge that he is disabled. I am grateful I got laundry done yesterday. I am grateful for a nice shower this morning.

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